Five Tips to Overcome Self-Doubts

There are times, we become our critics. We feel that we are not doing enough. We become hard on ourselves and are overly consumed by self-doubts. While this feeling is mostly driven by the goal of excellence, we must practice self-appreciation and self-love.

First, we must realize that we can only do so much in a day. Our body, even how enthusiastic we are, will reach its limit. Our brains, no matter how creative we are, will need time off. We all need to unplug, pause and rest. And resting is never a bad idea. It will restore our senses and will bring us to a better position to think and act.

Second, we must accept the fact that we are not good at all things, We are good in some or most things but not in everything. We need to get help. It is okay to ask for assistance. That will not make us less as a person. Asking for support is not a sign of weakness. It is appreciating your strengths, identifying your weakness, and recognizing your eagerness to improve.  

Third, do not compare yourself to others. Do not gauge your accomplishment based on the achievement of others. Do not measure yourself on what others think of you. They only know so much about you. Only to a limit from what you show them. Learn from their comments but do not bound yourself with that. The only person that can put limits on you is yourself. If you allow yourself to grow, take a calculated risk, and believe that you can do it, you will.

Fourth, be thankful for what you have. Take pride and celebrate small successes. They are your steps to move up. Those steps may also be your resting place before taking the next leap. Gratitude gives so much positivity not only to you but to the people around you. Your simple achievements may already be another’s big dreams. Be an inspiration to others. You do not know how significant that can be.

Lastly, SHARE. Be open to sharing your time, skills, thoughts, creations, talents, and anything that you can think of sharing. Some may not even say thank you or may not give a positive response but knowing that you were able to sincerely offer something will give you a boost of how important you can be. In your most difficult and trying times, be more open to share and give. The first person to benefit is not the recipient but the giver. It will give you a better feeling that no words can explain. It gives hope to the other person and you. It will boost your morale, self-respect, and belief in yourself.​

Straight Talk by Anna