While we are all still experiencing the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic, we learned to adapt to the situation. Some may have adapted faster than the others but we generally, all try to hopeful with the situation. Acts of kindness emerged from ordinary people making an extraordinary impact.  As we begin to recognize that we are all in this together, people begin to value strength from doing things collectively.

Having experienced my downturn last year, I hold on to my sanity by not sulking in despair but building on human relationships as my anchor. Despite the distance and not being able to connect personally, I leveraged the power of technology as a medium to reinforce connection and communication. The challenges in life will draw you to the right people and will help you determine your constants. They are your tribe that you have mutual trust and respect. Nurturing these relationships is so powerful that it will enable you and your tribe to reach your common goals. When you know that you are working with each other, it gives a sense of comfort and confidence. Knowing that you do not do a task alone gives encouragement and hope.

I learned from a CEO of a large FMCG corporation when asked in an interview, "What are the things that an entrepreneur should do or be prepared to do in a pandemic?".  The first thing he said is to take care of the PEOPLE. With people losing their jobs left and right, he opts to listen first to the needs of their people and address them. According to him, leaders should use their entrepreneurial minds to innovate, adapt and implement to respond to the needs of the company's stakeholders.

I embarked on a new endeavor and I brought my tribe with me. During the early stage, I was transparent to them of the risk and also the benefits if we will be successful. We all braved the challenges and learned from them together. We held on and we made the first step up. Now the challenge is to bring everybody up. And yes, we believe that is not far away to achieve. Again, with us together, learning and supporting each other, we will get there.

Nothing beats the power of a team whose members lift each other up. Simple achievements are celebrated. With grateful and humble hearts, we take on the next set of challenges. What is worth noting in this experience is the ripple effect it creates. If one wants to make a difference, empower people. The impact lasts long and goes beyond what you can see and hold. 


Straight Talk by Anna