Let Us Keep Our Spark

The pandemic is pushing us to our limits on our adaptability to the situation. For those who have slowly recovered from the past years’ tests with their employment or business is continuously being tried as the economy will again hold up due to another lockdown. It’s quite an act to balance the impact on the economy and health in making decisions for the common good. People continue to struggle battling disease or extreme poverty to survive. But it is comforting to see that in this tough situation, the goodness of people emerged as a unifying force. Works of volunteerism and extending support to the needy were not hard to solicit. Most people realize and understand the loss of another. Most simply once can, each small gestures when put together make wonders.

In the most difficult times, the true values of people emerge. Some people have reached their worst but some have shown their best. I see that the more compassion and goodness are shown, it creates a ripple effect and creates more positive situations. Let’s keep our faith alive. Apart from hoping, let us do our best to keep the best version of ourselves and reach out to others. It is still a long journey ahead and I pray that we all make it.

Straight Talk by Anna