Your Deepest Why

The year has been very challenging for all of us. We faced a lot of fears, doubts and difficulties. Thus far, we continue to thrive. We are where we are and we do what we do. What is the reason? What is the force that drives us not to give up? What is the strength that drives us to continue? What is our deepest WHY?  Our WHY is the reason we do things the way we do it. The reason why we plan and take action. 

In between your bustle, have you paused for a while and asked yourself, “Why am I staying in this job?” You will probably answer, “To have the money to provide for my family.” and the next question is, “Why do you need to provide for your family?” The answer could be, “Because I cannot depend on anybody else.” Then come the question, “Why do you choose that decision?” The answer could be, “Because I care for them and I love them. I cannot just think about myself while not looking after their welfare.” Your love for your family is your deepest WHY. It gives you the reason to get up in the morning and go to your job despite all the challenges, heartaches, rejection or office politics that you encounter.  You continuously stick to your job because you believe that in doing so you are meeting your financial goals and imparting care and love to your family. When there are difficulties, you don't give up even if giving up is an easier choice. Your deepest WHY is looking after the welfare of your family. Nobody else can provide for them, thus, you are willing to make the sacrifices.

In another instance, one could ask oneself, “Why do I spend time reaching out to people or entertaining people’s questions with their career or personal finance problems?” That time could be best spent enjoying it yourself or more me time with the family. An answer could be, “Because I am happy doing that.” Next question will be, “Why do you feel happy.?”. The reply could be, “Because I value these people.  I find them as an important piece of my life apart from my family. And I am happy to see these people achieve more, solve their problems and be happier.” Your deepest WHY is to helping other people achieve their goals and dreams. You are happy when they are happy. 


We all have our different reasons why we do things. We have to look deeper into our biggest WHY. This will give more meaning to our life. It gives more purpose to what we do every single day.

Straight Talk by Anna